Important Warranty Update!

Dillon Precision is known for making the World’s Finest Reloading Machines; anyone reading this very likely knows this already.  We also make the very best, most durable, case cleaning and preparation equipment.  Like our reloading machines these items are not the lowest priced items on the market but, just like our reloading machines, they are the best and are backed by service and support that no one else can touch.

Dillon’s CV-2001 Vibratory Case Cleaner is the largest in the industry. Its 12-1/2 quart bowl’s capacity will allow you to polish up to 1,300 38/357 or 550 30-06 cases per hour.  Not only is our capacity greater, but our motor is larger, has more horse power, is internally cooled, thermally protected, and turns on precision ball bearings. This is no “hobby” machine!

The Dillon CV-750

When we chose the motor that we use in our current production vibratory cleaners we ran them through a variety of tests.  One of those tests was simply endurance.  We loaded the case cleaner with media and brass, just as one of our customers would, and we turned it on.  Then we left it on… for two years.  That’s right, two years non-stop, under a full load with zero problems.  We finally turned it off to check out the brass we had inside, and it was REALLY clean.  It was also paper thin and unusable so we don’t recommend you emulate our test with your own brass.  Afterwards the machine fired up and continued to work as normal.  We still use it in the shop to clean our brass.

We did find a few vibratory cleaners on the market, some are even blue with a gray base, that only have a 90 day warranty.  We’re assuming there is a reason for this… Then there is this brutally tough machine that we torture tested for two years and it had only a one year warranty.  Well that didn’t make any sense at all to us so, after some discussion, we’ve decided to change that.

We are now offering a 5 year warranty on both of our vibratory case cleaners.

You can order both of our vibratory cleaners from our site.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about these machines or any other product we offer.  We would love to hear from you.

The Dillon CV-750

The Dillon CV-2001

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