So You’d Like To Fly A Fighter Plane

Prior to the beginning of Dillon Precision, Mike Dillon was already stacking up achievements and accolades.  One aspect of his career that Mike had been especially proud of was the writing that he did for Air Progress magazine.  Air Progress began publication in 1937 and continued on for 60 years before ceasing publication in 1997. During its run Air Progress was known for publishing a high quality magazine with lots of photos, scale views, cutaway drawings, and technical data of interest to pilots.  Mike Dillon began writing for Air Progress in the late 60’s and we are fortunate that he saved copies of his work.  We will be presenting several of the articles over the next few weeks.

This week we have “So You’d Like To Fly A Fighter Plane” which was also titled “Death In A Beautiful Package.”  In the article Mike makes a statement about flying War Birds that applies equally well to firearms, reloading and a host of other fields;

“Show these fighters the respect they deserve and they will carry you into a world of flying pleasure you’ll never be able to forget… and which you’ll probably find hard to describe!”

We hope you enjoy the article.  If you prefer to access the pdf file directly just click here.

Air Progress September 1968
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