SNS Casting Will Have You Seeing Red

When Dillon Precision started carrying SNS Casting’s bullets they were simple, reliable, lead bullets that we felt comfortable recommending to our customers for use in our machines.  Then SNS started making Hi Tek coated bullets in a color they describe as “Old Gold” and things started to get interesting as the coated bullets were good enough to go head to head with more expensive plated bullets.  Then the product offering expanded as SNS began removing unecessary lube grooves to give us a cleaner profile and more weight in each projectile.  Now they’ve gone a step further by upgrading the coating, and the color, to “Brick Red.”  This is more than just a color change as SNS states

“You will notice that the brick red makes for a much slicker and glossier finish than the gold and seems to provide better coverage of the lead core.”

Better coverage means less smoke and that is certainly something we can all get excited about.  Check out our full offering of SNS Casting Coated Bullets here.

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