Power Factor Calculator

If you don’t know your velocity or bullet weight don’t just go by what the book says it should be or what’s printed on the box.  Use a quality chronograph to measure velocity and reliable digital scales to check your bullet weight.  Don’t get caught short at the match chrono station just because you took somebody else’s word for it.

Power Factors required by major shooting organizations



Major – 165

Minor 125


Major – 320

Minor – 150


Minimum of 120 in all divisions.


BUG (Backup Gun)95

Stock Revolver – 105

Enhanced revolver – 155

Compact Carry Pistol – 125

Stock Service Pistol- 125

Enhanced Service Pistol – 125

Customer Defensive Pistol – 165


All divisions minor – 125

Major by Division

Open – 160

Standard – 170

Classic – 170

Revolver – 170

Production – 125 Minimum (No Major)


All Divisions minor – 60

No velocities below 400 fps allowed.

Maximum velocity for revolvers – 1000 fps

Maximum velocity for rifles – 1400 fps

Pocket pistols, derringers, and long range rifles are exempt from the power factor and velocity requirements.

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