Mike Dillon’s Legacy

One month ago today Mike Dillon cleared for takeoff one last time.  We’ve spent the time since sharing little insights into Mike’s life; the things he did, the people he knew, and his many accomplishments.  These glimpses into the life of any man cannot tell the entire story, nor should they.  In remembering and celebrating Mike Dillon’s life we hope we have shown you something you hadn’t known or at least brought back a memory you hadn’t thought about in a while.

Today we aren’t going to talk about helicopters, machine guns, reloading machines or irascible pilots.  As much a part of Mike’s life as those things were they were the least of what he left behind.  Mike’s wife, Carol, his sons, Stephen and Christopher, his daughter, Stephanie, and daughter-in-law, Kimmie, along with all 9 grandchildren, Wyatt, Ethan, Nellie, George, Travis, Sara, Jack, Michael and John are Mike’s true legacy.  We’ve spent this past month remembering Mike Dillon and we certainly will continue to do so for a long while.  Now lets remember Mike’s family and hope that the pain of his passing is tempered with fond memories.


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