Give Dad A Library Card?

Father’s Day is fast approaching  (it’s Sunday, June 17th for those of you who forgot and are about to start a panicky search for the perfect gift) and Dillon Precision may just have what the dad in your life wants.  Sure a Super 1050 would be nice but if we are talking about more of a necktie and bottle of Aqua Velva budget then maybe we should change up our search parameters.  As part of our large catalog of top quality reloading machines, firearms parts  and accessories and shooting related gear Dillon Precision also carries some really handy books.  Sure you can find pretty much anything on the internet or you could whip out the old library card and go down to your local branch looking for the information you need but who has time for that?  I know I don’t.  Why spend hours searching through articles or charts full of load data when you can have it all right at your finger tips?  Why read some internet commando’s opinions about the best shooting gear and techniques when you could be reading articles written by true experts in their field?  The Lyman reloading manuals that we carry give you all of those things and more and you don’t even need a library card to enjoy them.

Precision Rifle Shooting is the hottest new shooting sport in the USA.  Just like all the other “gun games” out there you can probably show up with the gear you have and participate but to really be competitive you’ll need to dial in your loads and you’ll probably be buying a lot of new gear and guns just to play the game.  Why not give yourself a head start with Lyman’s Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook?  This book is full of load data for all the popular cartridges used in Precision Rifle, and articles by top shooters and industry experts.

If you’ve graduated from shooting the budget shells from your local big box store and you need to tune your shotshell loads to give you the edge in the field or on the sporting clays course then Lyman’s Shotshell Reloading Handbook has all the information you need.    This in depth resource covers all of the components from wads, cases and primers to the most current powders and shot.  There’s even a section covering Non-Toxic loads with data, loading instructions and articles on the subject.

Maybe long guns aren’t your thing and you’d prefer to spend your time  perfecting your handgun loads?  Lyman’s Pistol and Revolver Handbook has load data for all the most current powders and projectiles as well as the classics that fans of Cowboy Action Shooting use on the range.   In addition to those classic cowboy loads this manual offers data for modern big bore cartridges like 480 Ruger and 500 S&W. This is all topped off with articles covering varmint hunting, big bore loads and more.

For those of us who are generalists there is a lot to like in the Lyman 50th Edition Reloading Handbook.  Packed with a wide selection of cartridges, bullets, and powder from all of the major manufacturers this manual is the only data source that incorporates multiple brands throughout the entire manual.  Why hunt all over the internet to find that perfect combination of components when it’s all right here in one easy to read manual?  This is a must for any reloader’s library.

So whether you are searching for that perfect Father’s Day gift or you just need the best reloading data and shooting information at your finger tips we’ve got you covered.  Oh, and if you want to buy your dad that Super 1050 just click here to get started 😉







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