Fashion or Function, Why Not Both?

John Scoutten, Series Producer and on-air personality for The Outdoor Channel’s Shooting USA, recently told us that Dillon Optics are “my only choice in eye protection.”  In addition to John’s work on Shooting USA you can catch him in a few episodes of the Guns & Ammo Shoot 101 series.  In the video below John presents a great explanation of how to deal with parallax in your rifle scope and, of course, he’s rockin’ a pair of Dillon Optics glasses while he shoots.

Dillon Optics NIR (Non Image Reflecting) lenses provide eye protection from the sun by blocking 100% of harmful UV Rays. NIR polarized sunglasses are a premium protective eye wear that reduces internal reflections within the lens. Because of the reduced internal reflections these sunglasses can be worn more comfortably in reduced light settings such as indoors. No other sunglasses can match Dillon Optics NIR Lens Technology. Glasses are available with or without polarized lenses to suit your needs.  The entire line is also available with single vision prescription lenses.

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