Dillon’s RF100 Primer Filler

Before I begin a reloading session I have to prepare for that session.   Preparations include the normal checks to make sure everything is set for the caliber I’m loading and doing a caliber conversion if it isn’t (or changing my mind about which caliber I REALLY wanted to shoot anyway…) along with making sure I have an ample supply of all the necessary components on hand.  Then, after everything else is all set, I start filling primer pickup tubes.  I usually have enough tubes on hand to get 500 loaded into tubes so that I can start making ammo.  It isn’t a lengthy process but in the time it takes me to get the job done I could have loaded 100 bullets.  Then, if I’m actually making a lot of ammo, I have to do it again and load all those tubes up.  More time wasted that could’ve been spent making ammo.

Thankfully we have a solution to this problem.   Dillon’s RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler is available in both large and small primer versions and with U.S. and European power supplies depending on your locale.  Here’s the official description from our main website.

RF 100
Dillon RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler

Dillon’s RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler eliminates the task of filling primer pick up tubes. Now you simply pour your primers from their box into the top, press the blue button and watch it run! No need to purchase additional primer pickup tubes.
In about two minutes the primers are inside the protective metal housing. That’s about 30 rounds you can load while the RF 100 is doing your work for you.
The RF 100 is available for either large or small primers, and conversion kits are available.”


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