Cowboy Up!

According to the U.S. Forest Service a Winter Range is defined as;

“The area available to and used by wildlife (big game) during the winter season. Generally, lands below 4,000 feet in elevation, on south and west aspects, that provides forage and thermal/snow intercept.”

For cowboys in Arizona it meant moving the cattle from mountain ranges down into the Valley of the Sun.  It seems appropriate that the Single Action Shooting Society does the same thing by holding their annual Winter Range national championship in Phoenix.  For 2017 the event runs from February 20th – 26th at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility.  Dillon Precision will be there as both a vendor and a stage sponsor.

This isn’t our first trip to Winter Range and over the years we’ve run several articles on Winter Range in The Blue Press.  This article, from the November 2011 issue, covers reloading for matches like Winter Range where they are using guns that were invented over a century ago.



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