Coffin Rock

The Blue Press is well known as Dillon Precision’s catalog featuring the World’s Finest Reloading Machines.  We also get a bit of recognition for the excellent articles that fill every edition of the Blue Press.  Some people have even commented on the models that grace the cover of the Blue Press.  What we don’t hear too often is mention of the short fiction that has appeared in the Blue Press.  Okay it was really just a couple of stories but they were good and we’ve reprinted them a few times over the years.  The first of these stories was initially published nearly a quarter century ago but the dystopian society the author imagines rings a bit too true for comfort at times.  We hope you enjoy Sundown at Coffin Rock and the follow up story Sunrise at Coffin Rock.

Sundown at Coffin Rock


Sunrise at Coffin Rock




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