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XL650 Machine Maintenance Kit
XL650 Machine Maintenance Kit

Most new cars come with a warning light to let you know that it is time to perform regularly scheduled maintenance.  This helps protect your investment in that car, or truck, by insuring that you get the longest life and greatest reliability possible.  Your Dillon Precision reloading equipment is really no different, except for the handy warning light on the dash of course.  Regular maintenance will extend the life of your machine and insure that you can continue making round after round of quality ammunition.  It’s also a great opportunity to check for worn, or broken, parts and replace as needed.  If you haven’t picked one up yet a Machine Maintenance Kit, like the one pictured above, can be a big help in making sure you don’t have any down time while you wait for us to ship you replacement parts.

This video shows the basic cleaning procedures for the XL650:

This video shows the lubrication points for the XL650:



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