Fashion or Function, Why Not Both?

John Scoutten, Series Producer and on-air personality for The Outdoor Channel’s Shooting USA, recently told us that Dillon Optics are “my only choice in eye protection.”  In addition to John’s work on Shooting USA you can catch him in a few episodes of the Guns & Ammo Shoot 101 series.  In the video below John presents a great explanation of how to deal with parallax in your rifle scope and, of course, he’s rockin’ a pair of Dillon Optics glasses while he shoots.

Dillon Optics NIR (Non Image Reflecting) lenses provide eye protection from the sun by blocking 100% of harmful UV Rays. NIR polarized sunglasses are a premium protective eye wear that reduces internal reflections within the lens. Because of the reduced internal reflections these sunglasses can be worn more comfortably in reduced light settings such as indoors. No other sunglasses can match Dillon Optics NIR Lens Technology. Glasses are available with or without polarized lenses to suit your needs.  The entire line is also available with single vision prescription lenses.

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Spring Cleaning

RL 550 B

Just like everything else around the house your Dillon Precision Reloader needs a good cleaning every once in a while.  Cleaning keeps the machine running smoothly and extends the life of the various parts of the press.  Once this “Spring Cleaning” is done you will need to relubricate the press before you resume making ammo.  We have videos covering all of our consumer grade machines on our site,, and our YouTube Channel.  The video below covers our most popular press The RL 550B.  We will be making an updated video for the RL 550C in the future.

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The Wild Bunch

It was the summer of 1969, Richard Nixon was President, Elvis was making a comeback, Led Zeppelin had just released their first album in the United States and before we even get to the Apollo moon landing or Woodstock, Sam Peckinpah releases a western called The Wild Bunch.  The Western theme had pretty much been hashed over as much as anyone thought it could be by this point in history.  From early radio days to television and countless films the American public had viewed just about as many westerns as anyone could reasonably expect.  Then Peckinpah brings us a film that was violent, coarse, groundbreaking and, to this day, controversial.  A film like that leaves an impact on society and sticks in people’s minds.  This is even true of shooters who engage in competition shooting, none more than those who named themselves after the movie, The Wild Bunch.

The Wild Bunch is a spin off from traditional cowboy action shooting.  They still maintain the rules for dressing the period, correct weaponry for that time frame, and all the rest, but they focus in on the turn of the century era as depicted in the movie The Wild Bunch.  This excerpt from the Wild Bunch Handbook sums up the sport very nicely;

SASS Wild Bunch™ Action Shooting is a multifaceted amateur shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West just after the turn of the 20th century: 1911 semi-auto pistols, lever action rifles, and Winchester Model ‘93/‘97 and Model ‘12 pump shotguns. The shooting competition is staged in a unique, characterized, Old West style. Contestants shoot in several one-to-three gun stages (courses of fire) in which they engage steel and/or cardboard targets. Scoring is based on accuracy and speed.

Winter Range is a week long competition that is kicked off by two days of Wild Bunch shooting.  The match is hosted by Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix Arizona and this year it runs from February 20th through the 26th.  The event is open to the public.  If you are in the area you might want to stop by and get a healthy dose of old west action shooting fun.

These videos, from the Wild Bunch website, should give you an excellent idea of what Wild Bunch shooting is all about.


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Clean Machine

XL 650
XL650 Machine Maintenance Kit
XL650 Machine Maintenance Kit

Most new cars come with a warning light to let you know that it is time to perform regularly scheduled maintenance.  This helps protect your investment in that car, or truck, by insuring that you get the longest life and greatest reliability possible.  Your Dillon Precision reloading equipment is really no different, except for the handy warning light on the dash of course.  Regular maintenance will extend the life of your machine and insure that you can continue making round after round of quality ammunition.  It’s also a great opportunity to check for worn, or broken, parts and replace as needed.  If you haven’t picked one up yet a Machine Maintenance Kit, like the one pictured above, can be a big help in making sure you don’t have any down time while you wait for us to ship you replacement parts.

This video shows the basic cleaning procedures for the XL650:

This video shows the lubrication points for the XL650:



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Stuck Case Removal

Dillon Case Lube

When you are reloading you should always use a quality lube on your cases.  It reduces wear and tear on the dies, the press, and your arms.  This is especially important with rifle cases which have a much greater surface area and are prone to get stuck in the die if not properly lubed.  That being said sometimes they do get stuck and have to be removed from the die.  Thankfully we have a video covering this very issue.

Redding Stuck Case Removal Kit


Just in case you are really stuck, or are using non-Dillon dies, you might also need the Redding Stuck Case Removal Kit.  Just like our spare parts kits this is a tool you keep around just in case the need arises.

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