The Super Swage 600

For those of us who load rifle cartridges the phrase “case prep” can seem like foul language.  The sizing, trimming, chamfering, deburring and, especially for military brass, the swaging are all steps that we have to do in order to reload for our favorite rifle cartridge.  We won’t even go into the primer pocket uniforming, that is best left to those who get all excited over meplat trimming and powder tricklers, but the swaging is something that many of us cannot get around.

Nowadays even pistol shooters have to do some case prep, no not trimming, most pistol shooters don’t need to do that, but we do have to swage pistol cartridges sometimes.  The reason is simple; the military calls for primer pockets to be crimped.  You’ve seen this, it looks like a little ring around the primer.  If you do your due diligence and sort your brass you’ll see the the ring around the outer edge of the primer and you can cull those cases from the batch.  The rest of us usually find them when we seat a primer and it is either way too hard to seat or it deforms what was a perfectly nice primer.

Which pistol cartridges could be crimped?  The list is pretty short really but the obvious culprits, as previously mentioned, are going to be cartridges that are, or have been, in use by the military.  The following list is far from complete but it does cover the common cartridges that you, as a reloader, may encounter only to find crimped in primer pockets.

  • 9mm – Used by numerous agencies and branches of the military.
  • 45 ACP – Used by the US Army, Marines and various Special Forces.
  • 40 S&W – Used by the US Coast Guard.
  • 38 Special – Previously used by the US Air Force.

Thankfully the Super Swage 600 comes with large and small swage rods, .22 and .30 caliber backup rods, and a 45 ACP adapter.  Rods for 9mm/38 Special and 40 S&W are available to purchase if you need them.  The Super Swage 600 pushes the metal that protrudes into the primer pocket back out, returning the pocket to a uniform size that is conducive to the reloading process.  This process of putting the metal of the case head back into place is preferred over trimming and removing metal.  Not only is it less messy it is also maintains the integrity of the case head.

So, next time you start examining your brass take a minute longer and see if those primer pockets are crimped.  If they are, don’t panic, just run them through the Super Swage 600 and enjoy their use just like any other “once fired” brass.  There is no reason to throw away this perfectly good brass and there is no reason to risk crushing perfectly good primers with it either.

Instructions for the Super Swage 600 start on page 5 of the Case Preparation Tools & Reloading Accessories Manual, but if you have questions we at Dillon Precision will be glad to help, just give us a call at 800-223-4570 or write to us using this online form.

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Important Warranty Update!

Dillon Precision is known for making the World’s Finest Reloading Machines; anyone reading this very likely knows this already.  We also make the very best, most durable, case cleaning and preparation equipment.  Like our reloading machines these items are not the lowest priced items on the market but, just like our reloading machines, they are the best and are backed by service and support that no one else can touch.

Dillon’s CV-2001 Vibratory Case Cleaner is the largest in the industry. Its 12-1/2 quart bowl’s capacity will allow you to polish up to 1,300 38/357 or 550 30-06 cases per hour.  Not only is our capacity greater, but our motor is larger, has more horse power, is internally cooled, thermally protected, and turns on precision ball bearings. This is no “hobby” machine!

The Dillon CV-750

When we chose the motor that we use in our current production vibratory cleaners we ran them through a variety of tests.  One of those tests was simply endurance.  We loaded the case cleaner with media and brass, just as one of our customers would, and we turned it on.  Then we left it on… for two years.  That’s right, two years non-stop, under a full load with zero problems.  We finally turned it off to check out the brass we had inside, and it was REALLY clean.  It was also paper thin and unusable so we don’t recommend you emulate our test with your own brass.  Afterwards the machine fired up and continued to work as normal.  We still use it in the shop to clean our brass.

We did find a few vibratory cleaners on the market, some are even blue with a gray base, that only have a 90 day warranty.  We’re assuming there is a reason for this… Then there is this brutally tough machine that we torture tested for two years and it had only a one year warranty.  Well that didn’t make any sense at all to us so, after some discussion, we’ve decided to change that.

We are now offering a 5 year warranty on both of our vibratory case cleaners.

You can order both of our vibratory cleaners from our site.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about these machines or any other product we offer.  We would love to hear from you.

The Dillon CV-750

The Dillon CV-2001

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Weighing In

D-Terminator Scale

At Dillon Precision we realize just how important weights are to the home reloader.  The weight of your powder charge is critical.  Weighing your projectiles is a really good idea too.  Some people even weigh the empty cases and the loaded rounds.  Whichever weights you find yourself checking you’ll want a scale that is accurate, reliable, repeatable, and easy to use.  The Dillon Precision D-Terminator Electronic Scale meets all of these criteria and more.  If you are using an old, or outdated scale try making the move to a digital scale and you’ll find that load development and component verification are MUCH easier.

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Mr. Bulletfeeder By Double-Alpha

Mr. Bulletfeeder DAA

There are a lot of products that claim to improve your reloading experience.  We usually steer clear of these gadgets as they don’t seem to bring enough value to compensate for their cost.  Worse, some of them can actually damage a customers machine.  We certainly want no part of that.  Then there are those products that truly bring value to the table, or the bench in our case.  The Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha is one such product.

Mr. Bulletfeeder DAAA lot of our customers are competitive shooters of one sort or another.  From novices, who might shoot a few weekend matches each month, to world champions who practice constantly and shoot every major match they can attend, we have customers who demand a pretty high output from our reloading machines.  It might not seem like much but it does take time to put that bullet on the case each time you pull the handle.  A second here and another second there, it all adds up.  Especially for competitors who are looking to shave a tenth of a second on a stage so that they can win a match.  The Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha eliminates that time spent fumbling for the next bullet that you are trying to place on the cartridge mouth and allows you to focus on smoothly pulling the handle and refilling the components as you go along.mr_bulletfeeder_conversion_kit_b

Shoot more than one caliber?  A lot of our customers do so along with your Dillon Precision Caliber Conversion Kit you’ll want to pick up a Mr. Bulletfeeder Caliber Conversion.  We have them in 9mm/38 Super/38 Special/357 Magnum, 40 S&W, 45ACP, 223 REM/5.56mm, 308 WIN/7.62x51mm, and 6.5/.264

To better assist our customers we’ve added the Mr. Bulletfeeder user’s manual to our site along with a set of tutorial videos produced by Mr. Bulletfeeder.  The user’s manuals are available in English, French, German and Italian.  The tutorial videos cover everything from unboxing to advanced troubleshooting for the Mr. Bulletfeeder.

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Top Bifocal Shooting Glasses


One of the huge problems facing a lot of shooters, especially those of us over 40, is our inability to clearly see the front sight.  The Top Bifocal Shooting Glasses from SSP Eyewear offer you the choice of a non magnified or a bifocal lens on either or both sides.  Having the bifocal on top allows for a comfortable, heads up, shooting stance and brings the front sight into sharp focus.

Here are the bullet points from the manufacturers website:

  • Top Focal kits have the magnifying portion at the top of the shooting glass.
  • Interchangeable lenses allow you to personalize the shooting glasses to view both your front sight and the target according to your individual preference.
  • Top Focal magnifier for front sight acquisition (right eye, left eye, or both eye dominant)
  • Standard non magnifying lens, allows you to view the target with your non dominant eye
  • The kit includes a neoprene zipper pouch with 2 sets of permanent anti-fog lenses, a microfiber cleaning cloth and lens changing instructions.
  • Designed for pistol shooters and instructors allowing for in-focus view of front site
  • Other users include mechanics, electricians and anyone doing overhead work
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1+2010 specifications for high impact protection
  • Anti-fog coating, is double sided & permanently bonded to the lens, lasting 65% longer
  • Feature optically correct, decentered, shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses to virtually eliminate distortion
  • Offer sharp peripheral vision, without any blind spots
  • Permanent durable anti-scratch hard coating
  • Provide 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Tough nylon matte black frame
  • Anti-Fog venting between the frame and lens
  • Rubber nose and ear pads

Fits narrow, round, and up to XL faces

Top Focal is 3/8 inch from the top of the frame down by 1-1/4 inch wide

Check out the options for magnification and lens colors on our main site at 

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Dillon’s RF100 Primer Filler

97077 RF100 Close-UP

Before I begin a reloading session I have to prepare for that session.   Preparations include the normal checks to make sure everything is set for the caliber I’m loading and doing a caliber conversion if it isn’t (or changing my mind about which caliber I REALLY wanted to shoot anyway…) along with making sure I have an ample supply of all the necessary components on hand.  Then, after everything else is all set, I start filling primer pickup tubes.  I usually have enough tubes on hand to get 500 loaded into tubes so that I can start making ammo.  It isn’t a lengthy process but in the time it takes me to get the job done I could have loaded 100 bullets.  Then, if I’m actually making a lot of ammo, I have to do it again and load all those tubes up.  More time wasted that could’ve been spent making ammo.

Thankfully we have a solution to this problem.   Dillon’s RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler is available in both large and small primer versions and with U.S. and European power supplies depending on your locale.  Here’s the official description from our main website.

RF 100
Dillon RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler

Dillon’s RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler eliminates the task of filling primer pick up tubes. Now you simply pour your primers from their box into the top, press the blue button and watch it run! No need to purchase additional primer pickup tubes.
In about two minutes the primers are inside the protective metal housing. That’s about 30 rounds you can load while the RF 100 is doing your work for you.
The RF 100 is available for either large or small primers, and conversion kits are available.”


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