Reloading for “Western Action Shooting”

“Western Action Shooting” is a name that covers a few different shooting sports all of which promote the use of Western style guns, gear and even clothes. While many of the firearms used in these sports are setup for cartridges and shells that you can buy at your local retailer there is good reason to load your own. This classic Blue Press article from 2011 covers that topic and explores the benefits of “Reloading for Western Action Shooting.”



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Coffin Rock

The Blue Press is well known as Dillon Precision’s catalog featuring the World’s Finest Reloading Machines.  We also get a bit of recognition for the excellent articles that fill every edition of the Blue Press.  Some people have even commented on the models that grace the cover of the Blue Press.  What we don’t hear too often is mention of the short fiction that has appeared in the Blue Press.  Okay it was really just a couple of stories but they were good and we’ve reprinted them a few times over the years.  The first of these stories was initially published nearly a quarter century ago but the dystopian society the author imagines rings a bit too true for comfort at times.  We hope you enjoy Sundown at Coffin Rock and the follow up story Sunrise at Coffin Rock.

Sundown at Coffin Rock



Sunrise at Coffin Rock






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Classic Blue Press – Is IDPA Training?

If you follow any competitive shooting forums ( and who doesn’t?) you’ve probably read the arguments, which go on ad nauseam, over whether IDPA is a game, or training, or a training game… well, you get the idea.  Six years ago Col. Mark Lisi, US Army (Ret.) addressed this very issue in the pages of The Blue Press.  The game has changed a bit since this article was published but Col. Lisi’s arguments are just as poignant today as they were in 2012 and we think the article is worth a read.


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9mm 1911’s in IDPA

Since this Classic Blue Press Article was written there have been a LOT of changes in IDPA. Thankfully the article focuses pretty heavily on ESP, the most “open” division in IDPA, so the arguments put forth by the author still have merit.  Some divisions have had some pretty big shake ups with changes in allowed gear causing a bit of consternation amongst shooters.  One such division is CCP, the Concealed Carry Pistol divison.  CCP has strict rules on the size and weight of the gun but otherwise uses the rather generous ESP ruleset so there are plenty of allowed features for your gun.  We will have a full blown article on CCP soon, and the gun in our featured image up above, but in the meantime this Classic Blue Press article on ESP and 9mm 1911’s in IDPA makes for a very nice read.

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Cowboy Up!

According to the U.S. Forest Service a Winter Range is defined as;

“The area available to and used by wildlife (big game) during the winter season. Generally, lands below 4,000 feet in elevation, on south and west aspects, that provides forage and thermal/snow intercept.”

For cowboys in Arizona it meant moving the cattle from mountain ranges down into the Valley of the Sun.  It seems appropriate that the Single Action Shooting Society does the same thing by holding their annual Winter Range national championship in Phoenix.  For 2017 the event runs from February 20th – 26th at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility.  Dillon Precision will be there as both a vendor and a stage sponsor.

This isn’t our first trip to Winter Range and over the years we’ve run several articles on Winter Range in The Blue Press.  This article, from the November 2011 issue, covers reloading for matches like Winter Range where they are using guns that were invented over a century ago.




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A Gun Crank at the SHOT Show

For those who work in any retail or sales related profession the time from Thanksgiving till New Years is a blur of holiday shopping, long hours and, hopefully, great sales to finish off the year right. Then, after New Years, the world slows down a bit and we launch into handling returns before settling into a new year. Unless you work in the firearms industry in which case it is time for the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The SHOT Show is a massive event for shooting industry insiders to show off new items, meet with buyers and other industry professionals and maybe have a little bit of fun in the process. If you haven’t attended and would like a little insight into what the SHOT Show is like this Classic Blue Press article by John Marshall, from the May 2011 edition of the Blue Press, should provide a nice look inside this massive event.



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A Reloading Novice and a Square Deal B


This time of year a lot of people are hoping to find something in Dillon Blue underneath the Christmas tree.  For some this might be an additional reloader setup in a different caliber from the primary machine.  For others it might be an upgrade from a machine they bought as a “starter” press.  Still others might be making that first leap into reloading.  That brings us to this months Classic Blue Press article.    This article, by Marko Kloos, is a great look at what it’s like for a complete novice to get started reloading with a Dillon Precision Square Deal B.

A Reloading Novice and a Square Deal B (Part1)

A Reloading Novice and a Square Deal B (Part2)

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