Blade-Tech’s Signature Series

Blade-Tech’s Signature Series holster and double mag pouch for Glock

There was a time when the very best competition holsters were made of leather.  Hand stitched, custom molded, leather, with or without hand tooling, was king.  It didn’t take long before those stiff leather holsters were modified to give the shooter some slight advantage over the competition.  Holsters were cut down, reinforced with steel liners, angled to fit the shooters draw, any little thing might be what helped propel you upwards in the rankings.  The earliest matches were even called “Leather Slap Matches” because you had to “slap leather” to clear your pistol from the holster.  Since those days there has been a lot of progress in creating holsters from materials that offer a lot of advantages over good old cow hide.  Of those materials thermoplastics, often referred to as “Kydex”, have definitely become the go to holster material for a lot of shooters.

Blade-Tech’s OWB Holster and Signature Series mag pouch for 1911

The use of thermoplastics, Kydex in particular, got it’s start in 1965 when Rohm and Haas, a company from Philadelphia, PA, invented KYDEX 100.  Kydex 100 was listed as having a fire rating and mechanical properties that made it suitable for use in aircraft interiors.  Kydex was so versatile in it’s original application that it’s use began to spread.  It became such a popular material for holsters that virtually every thermoplastic/molded holster is referred to as “Kydex” though many of them are made of various other materials.

It’s tough to differentiate one holster maker from another these days.  It seems that everyone who wants to remain relevant is making some form of Kydex holster if not an entire line.  There are few companies that truly stand out from the rest and among those companies Blade-Tech often gets the spotlight.  Blade-Tech does this by offering varying product lines to reach practically every market available, outstanding customer service, and innovative products that hold up to the abuse their customers dish out.

The flared opening on this double mag pouch makes it easy to insert magazines.

The Blade-Tech Signature Series is made of Blade-Tech’s proprietary blend of Super Tough Polymers. More than just another “Kydex” knockoff this blend of materials is custom tailored for the firearms industry to provide just the right form, function, and price point that competition shooters demand.  Externally these holsters have the same look and feel of Blade-Tech’s popular Classic Series. The openings have a slight flare to accommodate easier re-holstering.  Adjustable retention points allow shooters to set the perfect amount of tension for their own, individual, draw.

The Blade-Tech Signature Series features:

  • Flared entryway
  • Adjustable retention
  • Smooth interior for reduced drag
  • Precision molded – made from Blade-Tech’s own proprietary blend of super-tough polymers
  • Two adjustable tension spacers allow for fine tune fitting of your firearm
  • Blade-tech’s positive lock trigger guard design will administer an audible “click” when firearm is seated fully
  • Precision molds are designed with the help of 3D scanning technologies that ensure that accuracy of each firearm fit

With so many features and such high quality you can expect to pay a pretty high price, right?  Usually you would be right but the Blade-Tech Signature Series holsters are available for just $29.95 and double mag pouches are just $25.95 at Dillon Precision.  At those prices your new competition rig just got a LOT less expensive and you just freed up more money to spend on ammo.

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