9mm 1911’s in IDPA

Since this Classic Blue Press Article was written there have been a LOT of changes in IDPA. Thankfully the article focuses pretty heavily on ESP, the most “open” division in IDPA, so the arguments put forth by the author still have merit.  Some divisions have had some pretty big shake ups with changes in allowed gear causing a bit of consternation amongst shooters.  One such division is CCP, the Concealed Carry Pistol divison.  CCP has strict rules on the size and weight of the gun but otherwise uses the rather generous ESP ruleset so there are plenty of allowed features for your gun.  We will have a full blown article on CCP soon, and the gun in our featured image up above, but in the meantime this Classic Blue Press article on ESP and 9mm 1911’s in IDPA makes for a very nice read.

If you prefer you can access the PDF files directly here and here.

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