Mike’s UH-1 Huey

Mike’s interest in aviation and love of flying didn’t stop with fixed wing craft.  He also had a few helicopters in the hangar and his restored UH-1 “Huey” is always a showstopper.  We hope you enjoy these fantastic pictures of the Huey in action as well as the somewhat grainy video below.

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A Look at Mike’s TT-1 Super Pinto

super pinto

There is a reason that Dillon Precision backs up onto an airport and it isn’t so that we can be close to the air freight providers.  This video, hosted by renowned shooting enthusiast and television host Jim Scoutten, showcases one of Mike’s many airplanes, the TT-1 Super Pinto.  This plane currently resides at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola Florida, just in case you want to see it in person.

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