A Few Good Women

When women and Dillon Precision are mentioned in the same breath most of us think of the models on the cover of the Blue Press each month.  What we might miss are the women that have appeared in the pages of the Blue Press over the years and there have been a lot of them.  Many of the articles are about women in the shooting sports, the unique challenges that they often face, and their struggle to overcome the competition in what some thought was a “boys club.”  Not all of the articles are just about women, some are by them as well, and the lead off article in the attached pdf is one of our favorites.

First up we have an article on Tactical Precision Rifle Shooting by Regina Milkovich.  Regina does an excellent job of explaining the sport, the gear, and the types of shooting challenges involved in precision rifle shooting.

Next we have an article by the USPSA’s Robin Taylor on Jesse Abbate.  The article is from 2010 and a few things have changed, Jesse’s last name being one of them, she’s Jesse Harrison now, but her winning ways haven’t changed one bit.

Our editor, Mark Pixler, wrote the next article about helicopter pilot, trainer, and military contractor, Katie Weilage.  If you like Russian helicopters and mini-guns you’ll want to read this one.

The final article offers a look at former NRA President Sandy Froman.  Sandy may be an attorney with a Harvard law degree but she’s definitely one of us as you’ll learn from this insightful piece by Barret Tillman.

We hope you’ll enjoy these articles.  Normally they would be posted individually but to make things a little easier on our readers we’ve combined them into one, larger, pdf.

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Classic Blue Press - A Few Good Women


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