Welcome to Dillon Precision’s Reloading Bench. We plan to present articles that we think fans of our products will be interested in. Reloading, shooting, hunting, really just anything that shooters are into. There is a page for cartridges where we’ll discuss not only the cartridges themselves but the people who have driven cartridge development.  This month the focus is on the effect that cartridge case length has on accuracy.

RL 550 B
The Dillon RL550B is the most versatile reloading machine in the Dillon Precision Products line.

There is a page, of course, for Dillon Precision equipment where we’ll try to draw attention to the features of various products and their merits. A similar page for products from the vendors in our catalog and a page for  components.  We know there are lots of sites that talk about guns and ammo but we hope to do a little something different by focusing on the worlds best reloading equipment, the accessories and components that go with them and the gear you need at the range.

Future articles may focus on developments in reloading, cartridges, components, or even processes that make reloading a safe and enjoyable hobby.

We’ll also cover various shooting sports and events.  Many of our employees are competition shooters as well as avid reloaders.  So we hope to put the spotlight on them and shooting sports like USPSA, IDPA, SASS, Steel Challenge, NRA High Power, 3-Gun and whatever else they may be into.  We hope you enjoy our efforts.

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